Bird’s perspective

In the centre of the city, at the top of the hill, above the slow Ljubljanica river, there’s a castle. Not just any castle, it’s Ljubljana Castle. A mighty medieval fortress, a symbol of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana is an interesting tourist point, the idyllic grounds for long strolls just a glance away from the lively city centre. Although much smaller in size than most famous castles around Europe, it has a characteristic shape with one tower sticking out. The green/white flag hanging from a pole at the top viewing platform can be seen from the city centre, and the platform is a nice viewing point for the city and even surrounding villages and towns. And climbing the inner circular stairway is an adventure on its own.


Ljubljana Castle

Sherlock Holmes

I’ve started reading a new Sherlock Holmes’ book written by June Thomson, and not sir A. C. Doyle. I found it on my father’s bookshelf, and borrowed it.

According to the reviews, June Thomson is ”dedicated to capturing the essence of Doyle’s stories and characters and placing them in many new scenarios both common and uncommon”. I’ve read the first short story, and I like her style. There are also references to the previous cases (written by Doyle), and it makes me reread them all over (again).

In addition, June Thomson is an author of three more books, The Secret Archive of Sherlock Holmes, The Secret Notebooks of Sherlock Holmes and the Holmes and Watson. The collection includes a series of short stories, but one of the eye catching hallmarks of the collection is the book cover design. The silhouettes and shadows capture the ”secret” spirit of the famous detective really nicely.


Ken Follett

I’ve read his Pillars of the Earth few years ago, and at the end of last year started his Century trilogy (only the first Fall of Giants and the second Winter of the World – the third, and last Edge of Eternity is coming out in mid September), and was very much impressed. I had his Code to Zero sitting on a bookshelf for a while, and after reading it (it’s more of a thriller, but situated back in the late 50’s).


Next in line is The Key to Rebecca, hopefully as enjoyable as the rest of his books on my read list.

Mia’s Lemonade Stand (41027)

One of my latest reviews on Eurobricks is Mia’s Lemonade Stand.

The highlights of this set are the light aqua scooter, magenta helmet, and printed cookies. The simple builds are still enjoyable to build, but the true value of the set lies in its design that offers a lot of playability and some great parts specific to this set. This is a set I enjoyed building, although my initial interest in the set was to just to get the new scooter. It’s a set that can be easily combined with other sets or MOCs. And all this you get for a relatively low price.