Summer reading

In the last 9 days, I was lucky to indulge with no worries, and lots of books. I packed too many books, 9 in total and extras on Kindle, just in case I’d ran out of them during the holidays. The statistics says I read 3556 pages or 8 books, averaging 445 pages per book or almost 1 book per day. Standing out were Peter James’s Perfect People and Simon Toyne’s Sanctus trilogy.

Perfect People by Peter James

I’ve read James before, and I like his style, yet I was still surprised with the Perfect People. It reads really nicely, there’s enough developments throughout the book to keep you going, and then there’s the end. The main subject of the story are ”designer babies”, a controversial topic in medicine and research, and reaching the end, it really gives you something to think about. There’s a short review of the books on Fossicker Books.

The Sanctus trilogy by Simon Toyne

Sanctus trilogy wasn’t on my reading list for this holidays, but as my boyfriend brought them along, and enjoyed the first book of the trilogy, it was soon my turn to give it a try. Sanctus, the first book, can be read as a single book, as it has a sufficient ending, yet leaves you to imagination of how the story might continue. The second book, The Key, and the third book, The Tower are continuing the plot from the Sanctus, and have a bit more of wider story, yet they’re still good reads. Overall, as a trilogy, this was somenthing I enjoyed reading, and would recommend it to anyone interested in this genre.

Back online

I got back from a 10-day break from the world. I spent these last days in Klenovica, a small village on the coast of Croatia, and it was very enjoyable. We had an apartment booked only about 150 m away from the closest beach. This was a small bay close to the north part of the village, and luckily with not many visitors. Probably also due to the not so summer weather, we had this spot mostly just for ourselves.

A very small bay in Klenovica, Croatia

The water was very refreshing. The area is known for springs of fresh water, and they affect the sea temperature. Gaps of much colder water at the sea surface are an interesting phenomena, and can be refreshing at high temperatures.

We booked the appartment via, and the main criteria for the search was to include a terrace, as this is the one thing I miss in my rented flat. There’s no need to mention the view from the terrace was lovely, specially when it wasn’t raining. Unfortunately, it rained a lot, so I got to spend much of my time outside on the terrace reading, but more on that in another post. However, the few sunsets were beautiful, even though I had to cuddle myself with a blanket.

A view from the terrace – sunset at sea
A lonely boat at sunset


Summer offline mode

I’m getting ready for a trip to the sea side. According to the information on the apartment, internet won’t be available. Just to make sure to keep me occupied during the next 10 days, I packed these:

Summer reading list

As I prefer to stay out of the sun during the peak hours to protect myself from sunburns, having a pile of books at the side is my best option. Just in case I ran out of the paperbacks, I have extra books on my Kindle (around 40 unread).

Reading ebooks has another advantage during summer holidays. While enjoying beautiful sunsets on the terrace, and light breeze in the late evening, there’s no need to keep the lights on, hence avoiding mosquito bites.

Sunset at sea

Usually, I try to get familiar with the location where I’m going, so I don’t have problems with orientation and more importantly, to find the interesting locations for visiting before the start of the trip. However, as Google Street view is not available for this year’s location, I’m getting in the mood by going through the old pictures.

Aerial view of the beach


I’m still dreaming of finding (and eventually owning) my own place to live at. Until then, I’m pinning different inspiring pictures on my Pinterest. What I miss at my current place of residence is the lack of enough bookshelves (actually, room to install bookshelves) as there is no such thing as too many books.

Having a book handy in late evening (or early morning) when one book ends, can be stressful, specially if you have to get up from the bed, and pick another book to start reading. Platform bed with a bookshelf seems like a good investment.

Extra bookshelf at arms length

I like the idea of having a reading nook, I only fear it might get too small with time. Building your shelves around and above a sofa seems a great idea.

Reading nook

And to make you reading nook look less chaotic, organizing books by colour creates a lovely rainbow effect.

Bookshelf rainbow

LEGO store and appartment

My latest modular building features a LEGO brand store on the ground floor, and an appartment on the first and second floors. The front facade of the LEGO store is based both on the official set (3300003).

LEGO store and apartment modular building

The store has shelves filled with colourful boxes. Not missing is the Pick-A-Brick wall and a brick-build dragon which I saw in the NYC LEGO store.

Interior of the LEGO store

The apartment above the store is very spacious. Open floor plan has a kitchen, dining and living room. A small bathroom is hidden under the stairs. Bedroom and home office with a small terrace are based on the second floor. My favourite shots of the apartment.

Living room area
Kitchen and dining area
Bedroom and home office on the second floor

More pictures can be found in my Flickr album.

A taste of Brussels

Couple of days spent in Brussels, gave me an impression of the city. I haven’t seen much, mostly the every day afternoon hustle and bustle of busy streets filled with tourists. First few days were rainy, and it’s amazing how a city scape can change with a sun above.

Almost all the lamp posts in the city centre were decorated with voluminous and colourful flowers.

Flowers on a lamp post

Mannekin Pis, the world known landmark of Brussels, is hidden on a corner just slightly off from the Grand-Place square.

Mannekin Pis

Almost every street near the city centre had an enormous selection of waffles with different toppings.

A selection of various waffle toppings

I was much less impressed by the Atomium, an insteresting and unusually styled building. However, given my lack of time, the impression would be likely different had I had enough time to wait in the queue to see the city scape from the highest sphere.


One of my favourite spots in every city are the parks. The Brussels park is the largest one in the city centre and it offers a green roof above the visitors.

A green roof

The last few hours before boarding the plane back home, I spent relaxing on a bench in the Brussels park enjoying Agatha Christie’s novel.

Relaxing in the park