A taste of Brussels

Couple of days spent in Brussels, gave me an impression of the city. I haven’t seen much, mostly the every day afternoon hustle and bustle of busy streets filled with tourists. First few days were rainy, and it’s amazing how a city scape can change with a sun above.

Almost all the lamp posts in the city centre were decorated with voluminous and colourful flowers.

Flowers on a lamp post

Mannekin Pis, the world known landmark of Brussels, is hidden on a corner just slightly off from the Grand-Place square.

Mannekin Pis

Almost every street near the city centre had an enormous selection of waffles with different toppings.

A selection of various waffle toppings

I was much less impressed by the Atomium, an insteresting and unusually styled building. However, given my lack of time, the impression would be likely different had I had enough time to wait in the queue to see the city scape from the highest sphere.


One of my favourite spots in every city are the parks. The Brussels park is the largest one in the city centre and it offers a green roof above the visitors.

A green roof

The last few hours before boarding the plane back home, I spent relaxing on a bench in the Brussels park enjoying Agatha Christie’s novel.

Relaxing in the park

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