Summer offline mode

I’m getting ready for a trip to the sea side. According to the information on the apartment, internet won’t be available. Just to make sure to keep me occupied during the next 10 days, I packed these:

Summer reading list

As I prefer to stay out of the sun during the peak hours to protect myself from sunburns, having a pile of books at the side is my best option. Just in case I ran out of the paperbacks, I have extra books on my Kindle (around 40 unread).

Reading ebooks has another advantage during summer holidays. While enjoying beautiful sunsets on the terrace, and light breeze in the late evening, there’s no need to keep the lights on, hence avoiding mosquito bites.

Sunset at sea

Usually, I try to get familiar with the location where I’m going, so I don’t have problems with orientation and more importantly, to find the interesting locations for visiting before the start of the trip. However, as Google Street view is not available for this year’s location, I’m getting in the mood by going through the old pictures.

Aerial view of the beach

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