Relaxation with a cup of tea

I don’t remember the first time I tried black tea, but I know it was around 15 years ago. It was extremely sweet (as my parents enjoyed it). I liked it a lot, and slowly began enjoying it. Now, I’m a huge fan of various black teas. Either in the morning as a wake up, during the day at work or in the evening with a good book, I enjoy this daily routine. What matter more is the way it’s served. I noticed I use different mugs, depending how I feel. And even more, my mood determines which tea I’ll enjoy.

My favourite teas are Twinings’ Lady Grey, and Kusmi’s Kashmir Tchai, but in general I like most of Earl Grey variation with citruses and different Chai variations with aromatic spices.

Twinings’ Lady Grey Tea
Kusmi’s Kashmir Tchai

Today I was on a day trip to Vienna, Austria, shopping for Lego Mini Cooper model, and I was positively surprised to find a Kusmi store in the same shopping centre. Naturally, I stopped there, and brought two new tins home. In addition to various types and aromas, colourful tins from Kusmi Teas make also a lovely decoration. All in all, different Kusmi’s teas are worth trying out and enjoying throughout the day.

A wall of colourful Kusmi tins

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