How to manage your library

My book collection has been growing extensively since I started college. I’m not specifically fond of shopping, but I find it hard not to visit a book store I pass accidentally and leave the store with a new book or two. I have two favourite books stores in my city. One has predominantly books in Slovene language, and often has sales. The other one is larger, has an extensive collection of books in English, but hardly ever has books on sale. Online, I prefer to use for paper books, and for E-books and

When I started reading E-books, I also found Calibre, a software for E-book management. Initially, I planned to use it to manage my E-books, basically for transfer a reader, but soon I started using its other features, such as E-book conversion and managing my library. In addition to E-books, I included also paperbooks from my collection. This way I have a list of all titles, and I find it easier to know which books I own, and helps me avoid buying E-books that I already have as paperbooks.

Calibre, software for E-book management
Calibre, software for E-book management

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