Land Rover Discovery 3

I found this beast on-line, and although I’m not a huge fan of vehicles, this one totally surprised me. It’s a Land Rover Discovery 3 built by Flickr user Chapachuk. I was impressed with the accuracy of the model in comparison to the real car, and I had to go through the pictures couple of times to really grasp the scale of the model (weight 5000 g, lenght: 553 mm, width: 264 mm, height: 260 mm). This large scale is very appreciative and allowed addition of (too) many exterior and interior details of accessories that normally no one would even think about including them in a model. My favourite details are the safety belt clips and the doors of the gas reservoir. And the icing on the cake, the model is motorized.

Land Rover Discovery 3 by Chapachuk
The doors of the gas reservoir
Safety belt clips

What to do with a Simpson’s house

In case you were wondering what to do with a Lego Simpson’s house, here’s a great idea from cimddwc. He’s a skilful modular builder, and his latest modular is a fine example of Lego creativity. I really like the fact that his modular building is recognizable as a building based on the Simpson’s house yet it has a different design. The colour scheme looks great, specially the back side with less details. Contrary to the calm and neutral details on the outside, the inside just pops with colours. And it makes me want my copy of the Simpson’s house to do something similar.

Matt’s Masks by cimddwc

Sunday Delight

Today was unusually worm Sunday for this autumn. Last days were foggy and cold in the early morning, and today was the opposite. Sun was up, and there was no sign of foggy mists. Since the last two weeks were pretty hectic and there were always some unexpected errands to run, today was a day to relax. I treated myself with a nice cup of tea in the morning, followed by an interestingly flavoured ice cream midday, and in between I was building some of the LEGO sets I had stored in the last months, as I was too busy to build them.

Gingerbread ice cream

I combined the ice cream with some plain butter biscuits, crushed to crumbles. Another way to indulge yourself with this tasty ice cream is to combine it with some Speculas biscuits (mmmm, cinnamon and winter spices) and/or vanilla pudding. I’m definitely trying this as a dessert next time I’m having family or friends over, hopefully in the new apartment.

Interior decorations

I’ve been thinking about it for a while. While reading different magazines, they all say, put your clutter on display. Actually, I’m not that fond of clutter. What I prefer to have on display, are objects that I find also useful and are there having a dual role – looking nice on a display and saying something about me – what I like.

My favourite things to display are books, therefore I’m on a lookout of finding some lovely open shelving to display my (and my boyfriend’s) book collection. Having books around your flat also makes an nice statement about the owner (unless he/she is only using them for decoration). To avoid the shelves looking cluttered, I’d prefer to keep my books ordered, either by colour (my way) or by author (my boyfriend’s way).

A small part of my book collection

Other items I like to have on display are candles and candlelight holders. Although most of the time, they’re also dust catcher, they come very handy in the cold months, creating lovely atmosphere. Most of the time, I light the small tea candles in various glass holders. Ikea is the best place to get various styles of candles and candle light holders in a budget friendly way.

Tea light holder

This one is one of my favourites, as it can be put to use in a round conformation on a table, or linearized on a shelf. Another great design (although way out of my budget) is Kubus, designed way back in 1962.

Kubus by Mogens Lassen

Inspirational modular buildings

What really got me back to playbuild with LEGO was their line of Modular buildings. I was hooked pretty quickly, and the amount of MOC modulars found online was a great inspirational source. Here are some of my favourite ones.

Blooming Blossoms by Kristel
Cast Iron District by Sonicstarlight ( Jonathan Grzywacz)
Chima Trikes Store by cimddwc
Amsterdam Hotel by BrickCityDepot
Minifig Rights Movement – Dutch HQ by Neverroads

What’s your favourite LEGO dog breed?

In recent years, the LEGO company expanded their range of various LEGO breeds. When I started playing with LEGO bricks, the only type of LEGO dog available was a brick built. While that breed could be anything based on your imagination, I do like the newly introduced breeds. There are larger breeds available, namely a Husky, Dalmatian and German Shepherd. On the other hand, four small dog breeds all came from the best selling series Friends, and they do look cute and very girl-y. My favourite LEGO dogs are the small dark orange dog (very reminiscent of Cocker Spaniels), the Husky and the Dalmatian.

Small LEGO dogs
Large LEGO dogs