Interior decorations

I’ve been thinking about it for a while. While reading different magazines, they all say, put your clutter on display. Actually, I’m not that fond of clutter. What I prefer to have on display, are objects that I find also useful and are there having a dual role – looking nice on a display and saying something about me – what I like.

My favourite things to display are books, therefore I’m on a lookout of finding some lovely open shelving to display my (and my boyfriend’s) book collection. Having books around your flat also makes an nice statement about the owner (unless he/she is only using them for decoration). To avoid the shelves looking cluttered, I’d prefer to keep my books ordered, either by colour (my way) or by author (my boyfriend’s way).

A small part of my book collection

Other items I like to have on display are candles and candlelight holders. Although most of the time, they’re also dust catcher, they come very handy in the cold months, creating lovely atmosphere. Most of the time, I light the small tea candles in various glass holders. Ikea is the best place to get various styles of candles and candle light holders in a budget friendly way.

Tea light holder

This one is one of my favourites, as it can be put to use in a round conformation on a table, or linearized on a shelf. Another great design (although way out of my budget) is Kubus, designed way back in 1962.

Kubus by Mogens Lassen

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