Sunday Delight

Today was unusually worm Sunday for this autumn. Last days were foggy and cold in the early morning, and today was the opposite. Sun was up, and there was no sign of foggy mists. Since the last two weeks were pretty hectic and there were always some unexpected errands to run, today was a day to relax. I treated myself with a nice cup of tea in the morning, followed by an interestingly flavoured ice cream midday, and in between I was building some of the LEGO sets I had stored in the last months, as I was too busy to build them.

Gingerbread ice cream

I combined the ice cream with some plain butter biscuits, crushed to crumbles. Another way to indulge yourself with this tasty ice cream is to combine it with some Speculas biscuits (mmmm, cinnamon and winter spices) and/or vanilla pudding. I’m definitely trying this as a dessert next time I’m having family or friends over, hopefully in the new apartment.


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