Sunshine Harvest (41026)

LEGO Friends was a controversial theme when it came out, and for some it still is with the minidolls looking the way they do. However, on a long run, the theme is very successful and in my opinion it’s the quality of play experience that these sets have to offer also to the slightly older than target population. I picked up Sunshine Harvest mainly for parts, which is what I usually do with Friends’ sets, but in the end I like the set as it is, and wouldn’t mind getting another one. If you want to know more, you can read my Review of Sunshine Harvest on my designated page or Eurobricks.

Sunshine Harvest (41026)

Autumn is here

Despite the unusually high temperatures for this time of year (20°C), autumn is here. Yesterday, I had a walk through the Vintgar gorge close to the Triglav National Park. It wasn’t my first time there, but seeing it in lovely autumn colours was a nice experience. We topped it off with a short ascent to St. Catherine church with a beautiful view of the valley below. It was my first time there, and I wasn’t familiar with the pathway leading back to the starting point of the gorge. While descending we passed sheep and cows on the pasture, and enjoyed a view of sunshine through the clouds. A day well spent!

Vintgar Gorge
River Radovna changes from blue…
…to green
Sunshine above the valley

Time off

Today was the first day of the planned 10 months off work. I have to admit I need to get used to staying at home. Although there’s always something to do around the flat, I’m hoping to use the next couple of weeks for my hobbies and thinks that will be put aside when the baby is out. In addition to packing, getting baby clothes ready, cleaning the old apartment and moving in the new (and cleaned) apartment, I’m hoping to read a book or two, learn how to use software for building with LEGO digitally and creating instructions for the models, start planning some new MOCs for next year’s exhibition and most of all, get ready for the new role. Sounds optimistic, doesn’t it?