Elves on the shelves

Well, there will be more than one Elf on my Lego shelf in 2015. A new theme Elves will be introduced in January 2015, and it will feature elves as minidolls. In a way, the theme will be similar to Friends, as it will bring a number of new types of bricks and colours. The first pictures of the series can be found on Brickset. The new pieces that caught my eye are the leaves in pink, lavender, purple and lime, although I’m not sure how the pink hues could be used for greenery. Nevertheless, I’m sure there will be a number of MOCs featuring this ”greenery”. In addition, flowers in lavender seem new, and I’m pretty sure there will be more interesting bricks also in the not-yet-revealed Elves sets.

The Elves series – Fairan and the Crystal Hollow

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