Train station

My latest build, soon to be taken apart and sorted for new projects is a LEGO train station. Ever since I made my passenger train, I dreamt about a station to park it there. This one was made specifically for our LUGs exhibition and it had to fit in a preplaned layout, so there were some limitations.

Train station

At the back of the building there’s three platforms. I know they’re a bit short, but that was the limit of the layout.

A view of the platforms behind the station building

A view from the top reveals the size. It’s 12 baseplates of 32×32 studs (one baseplate is about 25×25 cm2).

A birds perspective

The entrance to the station building is from a large square.

The entrance to the building

There’s a shorter version of my passenger train (this one is missing the middle car) parked on the platform.

Passenger train on the platform

A few more details can be found on my Flickr stream.

Finishing touches – inspirations for the toilet

The first ”room” to be completed with the final touches seems to be the toilet. It’s a small and narrow place, basically just the toilet and a small sink. What I miss the most here is storage. I don’t need much, but I need it. I mean, is there a worse thing than running out of toilet paper?

Luckily, lots of inspiration can be found out online. My favourite is building a small cabinet around the sides and above, like this one found on The down point is, I should have it custom made, which would get pricier.

Cabinet surrounding the toilet


An alternative to this cabinet is a simple wire rack to hold the most needed accessories, that is rolls of toilet paper and reading material. Apparently, the more skilled could make it themselves (DIY project).

A simple wire rack

Among many toilet paper storage solutions, a glass vase is by far my favourite. I’m actually looking for a tall vase with the right dimensions to hold toilet paper rolls. A down point here would be accumulation of dust, that would need regular wiping, but I guess I can do that. Doesn’t it look pretty?

Vase as a toilet paper holder

Installing shelving above the toilet was our first thought, but while remodelling our bathroom and the toilet, we decided to move the water heater to the toilet, to make the bathroom more spacious. This one was the an inspiration for the colour scheme. I wanted a blue one first, as there are no windows in the bathroom and the toilet, and I wanted some bright colours. As we failed to find something suitable, this brown scheme proved to me that brown does not necessarily make a room darker.

Shelving above the toilet

Decorations on the above picture look lovely, and I’d love to have a plant included, but as there’s no window, I’m not sure how the poor plant would survive it.

Hopefully, the toilet will be done in a month or so, and I’ll blog the final design.

Back to basics

On the funny side first, I thought this day would never come. To be able to buy sets with my age within the age range printed on the box. This year, The LEGO Group (TLG) released sets with age range 4-99 as a Classics series with buckets and boxes of differently shaped and coloured bricks, including baseplates in green, tan and light bluish grey. What’s more, these sets are what LEGO used to be all about – just building random models to learn the skills of building, planning and mostly enjoying!

On the more serious side, I here from people way too often, asking me how I build my houses, since I have no instructions for them. Many just don’t see it, that what makes these bricks special, is the possibility to combine them in so many ways to make so many things. As a child I never had a set with instructions. I just inherited a box with loose bricks from my older sisters. And build and played with it without any instructions. To me, that’s what LEGO is all about. Imagination.

Holiday treat

The time around Christmas and New Year’s Eve is usually very festive, and special desserts are in order. This is what I made for us to enjoy on one of the evenings. It’s actually pretty simple variation on one of the treats from our favourite cafe Cacao in Ljubljana and Portoroz. It’s a combination of chocolate and vanilla puding with an addition of ground almonds, butter buscuits and spices (cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg). I topped it off with gingerbread icecream and sweet cream. Mmmmm, delicious!

Gingerbread icecream winter treat