Back to basics

On the funny side first, I thought this day would never come. To be able to buy sets with my age within the age range printed on the box. This year, The LEGO Group (TLG) released sets with age range 4-99 as a Classics series with buckets and boxes of differently shaped and coloured bricks, including baseplates in green, tan and light bluish grey. What’s more, these sets are what LEGO used to be all about – just building random models to learn the skills of building, planning and mostly enjoying!

On the more serious side, I here from people way too often, asking me how I build my houses, since I have no instructions for them. Many just don’t see it, that what makes these bricks special, is the possibility to combine them in so many ways to make so many things. As a child I never had a set with instructions. I just inherited a box with loose bricks from my older sisters. And build and played with it without any instructions. To me, that’s what LEGO is all about. Imagination.


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