Last 4 months were very untypical for me. I managed to read two books only. As I usually read before bed time, these months I was unusually more tired then before. Yes, it was a change of life style, being up too early every morning. I admit, I’m still not used to being up so early, and lack of sleep is just getting bigger every day. Many nights I managed to read only few pages, and unfortunately, I can not make a critical review of Eleven by Carolyn Arnold. I liked the book, but it didn’t feel like a page turner to me. As I mostly read to relax and unwind in the evenings to take my mind off, I wasn’t reading the book every evening as I couldn’t stay awake. It’s the first book in the Brandon Fisher FBI Series. The plot was interesting, and since I keep reading familiar authors, Arnold was the first of the unknown. I’m definitely trying some of her other books to see what her other books are like. Most likely, I’ll try the second book in the Brandon Fisher FBI Series, and see how the characters will evolve. As for you, if you like thrillers, it’s a book to try.

Eleven by Carolyn Arnold

Sorting my LEGO collection

As far as LEGO bricks go, I am just a bit OCD (or more than just a bit). I’ve been spending my evenings going over my collection, parting out sets and parting some of my MOCs. This is what happened while sorting last night. There’s the most popular/common brick colours currently used by LEGO. My favourite colours (at the moment) are the bright light yellow, sand green, light aqua and lavender.

LEGO colours

Spring is in the air

It’s true, despite the cold mornings the afternoons are sunny and warm. And you can just feel it. It’s almost spring, and when I saw those lovely tulips, I just couldn’t resist buying them. A while ago, I got this Iitalla vase (you can find one here) as a gift, and it’s perfect for tulips. And they did create a spring atmosphere in our home.

Tulips in the early spring


When we furnished our apartment, I had an idea of the dining area to be all white – a simple white table put up to a white wall and brightened up with a splash of colour…or tulips. Also, I knew instantly that my Koziol Pip contemporary wall clock (they have them in various colours) will fit the wall above the table (it used to be above the couch).

Koziol wall clock and Iitalla vase with tulips

The Wild Lake

Every now and then, I visit the Wild Lake (slovenian Divje jezero), located near Idrija. The lake is special in many ways. It is protected as natural monument since 1967. It is small, but goes very deep. The steeply inclined tunnel has been explored to the depth of 160 m. The lake is also the source of the river Jezernica, a tributary to river Idrijca, and at 55 m the shortest  river in Slovenia. What I like about the place is the nature. It is surrounded by high rocks and tall trees, and is a very relaxing place with its green waters.

Wild Lake
Green is everywhere
Tall trees surrounding the lake area

Winter is here

Again, it’s snowy outside, keeping me much of the time inside. I don’t like it though, but it’s not that easy to surf the heaps of snow with a stroller. Nevertheless, I took an hour off today to do some workout with the stroller today. It really was a workout, as we went off the beaten track into the snow. I loved it and even got tired a bit. With the forecast of more snow through the next couple of days, it should be even more fun.

A view from the bedroom
By the river
White trees