Last 4 months were very untypical for me. I managed to read two books only. As I usually read before bed time, these months I was unusually more tired then before. Yes, it was a change of life style, being up too early every morning. I admit, I’m still not used to being up so early, and lack of sleep is just getting bigger every day. Many nights I managed to read only few pages, and unfortunately, I can not make a critical review of Eleven by Carolyn Arnold. I liked the book, but it didn’t feel like a page turner to me. As I mostly read to relax and unwind in the evenings to take my mind off, I wasn’t reading the book every evening as I couldn’t stay awake. It’s the first book in the Brandon Fisher FBI Series. The plot was interesting, and since I keep reading familiar authors, Arnold was the first of the unknown. I’m definitely trying some of her other books to see what her other books are like. Most likely, I’ll try the second book in the Brandon Fisher FBI Series, and see how the characters will evolve. As for you, if you like thrillers, it’s a book to try.

Eleven by Carolyn Arnold

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