Caribbean Murder Series

I stumbled upon the Caribbean Murder Series by Jaden Skye by chance. I got an email from BookBub offering one of her books for free. I admit I was caught by the title and book cover art. The first book in the series is Death by Honeymoon where the leading female character, Cindy is introduced.

Caribbean Murder Series #1 - Death by Honeymoon
Caribbean Murder Series #1 – Death by Honeymoon

I admit I wasn’t too keen to read the rest of the books in the series based on the first book. Namely, the story seemed a bit to short for my liking. While all the suspense was building up, it unwind way too quickly. Luckily, her other books were offered as bargains on BookBub, so I took a chance and added #4, #5, #6, #7, and #9 of the Caribbean Murder Series to my collection. So far, I’ve read Death by Desire, Death by Deceit, and Death by Proposal in addition to the first book in the series. While the plots got better, and the story telling improved in my opinion, I was strongly appalled by the grammatical and spelling errors. I know I’m not a native English speaker, and I’m pretty sure there are mistakes in this post, reading a book with too many typos, takes away a lot of fun in reading. This is something I often found in books translated to my language (once I actually read in a translated book that the USA president lives in ”a white-coloured house” instead of using the name for the house, as in ”The White House”). Ok, that was off topic. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll read more of her books, but I’m really sceptic about the mistakes I found in her books. It really takes away some of the pleasure reading.

Death by Desire
Death by Desire – #4 in the series
Death by Deceit
Death by Deceit – #5 in the series
Death by Proposal – #7 in the series

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