Destination Lake Bohinj

Last Sunday in August, I finally took my family to Lake Bohinj. I usually go there at least once a year, as it’s one of my favourite places in Slovenia. It’s a combination of wild nature, clear water and pleasant climate. Since the summer holidays were ending, I was expecting a bigger crowd at the lake, also due to the nice weather, but I was wrong. There were visitors at the lake, but it wasn’t as crowded as during the summer season. This year, the lake was unusually worm, and that attracted many people to go there for a swim and to cool down.

If you’re planing a visit to Slovenia, Lake Bohinj should be on your list if you like nature. The coordinates of the eastern side of the lake are 46.278917, 13.885511. Basically, most of the infrastructure is a few kilometers away from the lake, and that makes it even more attractive. There are a shop, a turist office, a boat rental, and several cafes close by, but it’s the landscape that brings you to the lake, and you don’t really miss anything. The lake is also a starting point for hiking trips to the surrounding mountains. Water is usually prety cold, but refreshing and very clear. This summer, however, the temperature rose to about 24°C for several days. Even this last Sunday, the water was still refreshing, and swimming in the lake made my day even better.

St. John the Baptist's Church by the lake
St. John the Baptist’s Church by the lake
Lake Bohinj
Fish in the lake
Fish in the lake
Colours of the lake
Under the trees
Under the trees
Fish in the lake
Fish in the shallow water of the lake
View across the lake
View across the lake

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