Let it rain

After too many times of being caught in a rain shower and having wet socks and cold feet, I decided it’s time to think about something different to wear on those rainy days. While searching the Pinterest for some fashionable choices (I’m far from being a fashion expert), I stumbled upon these rubber Converse All Stars. I was surprised too see an all rubber model, and they were available in multiple colors, though not as many as the canvas ones. Having a choice of rubber boots or rubber All Stars, the decision was not hard. I wanted them in purple, but as I couldn’t find them locally, I went online. I found the purple ones at Sidestep, but they didn’t have my size. I settled on dark blue ones instead. It also helped they were 50% off. 🙂


I haven’t tried them in heavy rain yet, but they proved great at walking in the light rain and stepping in puddles care free. I most often wear dark blue jeans, hence the blue ones don’t stand out as much. Nevertheless, I feel great wearing them on a rainy day. This way I have something to look forward to on all those autumn rainy days.



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