Santa Shoebox Project

I’ve been kept busy this last month, but now as the year is coming to an end, it seems I still have a few extra minutes for myself. The most important thing that was keeping me busy (apart from my baby boy, of course), was the Santa Shoebox Project.

I heard about it last year, but I was too late to join. This year I kept track and joined early to make a child somewhere in our country happy. If you’re not familiar with the Santa Shoebox Project, here’s some basic info about it. The basic idea is simple, just fill an old shoe box with gifts and treats for a child of a known age, location and name. The project runs in Slovenia for the fourth year under the name of Božiček za en dan, which translates to Santa for a day. The Slovenian project doesn’t run just locally, but expanded across borders to the south, specifically it covered regions devastated by floods.

The special part of the project is that you actually get to pick a child from the list, and buy the gifts for the specific child, namely to match their age and needs. I choose a boy of 3 years, named Jakob, the same as my baby boy. I felt a bit bad afterwards, as the list was very long, and then somehow I felt the older children (up to 18) get picked last, and when I mentioned this to my boyfriend, he immediately volunteered to join. In the end, we prepared two shoeboxes together, one of the 3 year old boy, the other one for a 16 year old girl.

The rules to fill the box are simple. First, find an empty shoebox, second, decorate it, third, fill it in, and forth, drop it off at the pick up center. I’m not very skilled at decorating boxes, but I’m hoping to get better next year. This is how it turned out in the end.Santa Shoebox Project_12

I used wrapping paper, Washi tapes, and plain elastic bands for the boxes. The insides of the boxes were covered with the paper, as well, but it turned out it wasn’t as easy as I thought initially. I’m hoping the recipients won’t’ mind that.

Santa Shoebox Project_02

This was actually the second time I used Washi tapes for decoration, and I admit they’re great. I like them so much, I even added a set of 4 in the girls’ box so she can do some decorating on here own. The colorful thin tapes create a nice contrast to the bright stars.

Santa Shoebox Project_01

I painted the elastic band for one of the boxes with a permanent marker. It looks nice, but I should have dried it first, as it left some marks on the white paper background.

Santa Shoebox Project_04.jpg

Additionally, I made a bookmark for the girl using washi tapes. I used a set of three bluish tapes, two with flowers, and one with polka dot design. I used a promotional bookmark, covered it first with white paper, and then with washi. These washi were fabric, and some of the prints of the bookmark were visible if I didn’t cover it with paper first. All in all, this bookmark was finished pretty quickly, and it’s one of a kind.

Since it’s almost December, I’m wishing you all to have a great time during this festive month! Enjoy it and share the joy with friends and family, and if you can surprise someone special!


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