Open food market

In the last year, I built less than usual or at least less than I wanted. Time and place were more limited, so there wasn’t much room to work on my numerous ideas. One of the quick builds I did was this open food market. It was part of the town layout at Kockefest, Slovenian LUG’s exhibition in October 2015. Once the layout is defined, we see how many buildings we have, and to keep the town centre open additional areas without buildings are added. This time it was my turn, and a food market was one of the suggestions to include. So here it is.

There’s 10 stalls in total ranging from fresh veggies, fruits and breads to flowers and home made jams.

Open market_01

As always, larger images can be found on my Flickr.


Modular buildings building guide – part 6

One of the reasons I’ve been much less active here on the blog was my increased activity on the BrickHamster blog. I was also finishing up some reviews for my LEGO blog, as well as taking final photos of my newest modular buildings. The building were finished at the end of October, but they were immeadiately set on tour. I had them on three different exhibitions in two months time, and in between I was lazy enough to just keep them packed in the boxes. Finally, I put together the 6th chapter of the Modular buildings building guide and posted the progress on BrickHamster. Here’s what the roof of my favourite of the three modular buildings looks like. If you’re interested to see more, you’re welcome to visit BrickHamster. The final photos of the layout of the finished buildings will be ready soon, and will also be posted here, so keep in touch.



Winter Copenhagen sunset

I just noticed I haven’t posted anything this month yet. Well, I’ve been very busy. Not at work, though. Now that I look back, I actually spent only 4 days at work, had a week long stay in Copenhagen, and the rest of the time I was on a sick leave. December is typically the most active month of the year with many celebrations, however I spent most of it at home taking care of my baby, or more appropriately my little boy. Luckily, he got the chicken pox a week after we came back home, so at least our stay in Copenhagen was the best time of the month. Luckily, we weren’t blown away by the strong winds, however we did loose the stroller’s rain cover, by the wind of course. Half of the time it was cloudy, but on the other days I got to enjoy lovely sunsets by the sea.