Looking back

Last year wasn’t as productive as I hoped it would be, at least as far as creating with LEGO is concerned. I expected it to be not as busy, as I had to adjust my activities to included my baby. I guess he’s not a baby anymore, since he can reach my desktop surface and mess around with my bricks (and his Duplo, too).

One of the problems for me was lack of order in my LEGO designated area partly due to majority of bricks still packed in the boxes since the move, partly due to limited space. If you’re curious about it, it’s actually just a small desktop with a set of drawers. Definitely not enough storage for my collection, but this’ll have to do, as there’s not much more room to work with.

Since I took these pictures, I have managed to remove two of those storage drawers. Currently, the situation is much more chaotic, but I hope it will be nicer in a couple of months. I intend to mount two floating shelves to display my small Architecture sets. The holes are there in the wall, but I hit a problem, as I can’t drill deep enough to mount the frames. So this is where it all stopped.

On the other hand, I did more than just a couple MOCs, which is more than I planned at the beginning of the year. Some are small, vignette-sized, and some were large, built with more than 10k parts. Similarly to my optimistic plans for fixing up my LEGO corner, I plan to build more this year. Lets see how the 2016 ends.

2015 MOCs


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