Sore, but not sorry

Getting back to work also meant cancelling my usual workout routine due to various reasons (lack of time and babysitter). It was ok for a couple months, but during this time I realized I’m t0o lazy to do any workout at home (I mean there’s always something to clean or sort or organize etc.). Building up, I decided to start driving to work by car instead of the public transport, as it actually saved me some time. To save even more time, I’m now renting a garage less than 5 minutes to work. With this change in commuting, I certainly got more freedom to arrive and leave at work, which made the next choice possible. I started a new workout routine at a local gym, which is somewhere halfway to work (a perfect location). It’s a bootcamp just for women. And yes, after almost 4 months of no serious workout, I feel very sore now, but definitely not sorry. The hardest part was not the workout itself, it was waking and getting up in the early morning. Unfortunately, the class I can attend starts at 6 in the morning (a very long face), however, it’s the only one I can fit without interfering with my work hours, and picking up the baby at the nursery on time. From this week on, my daily schedule starts at 6 am three times a week.



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