Onion-painted Easter eggs

As part of my plan to expend the recipe repertoire, I made my first Easter eggs. Considering I haven’t ate an Easter egg for more than a decade, this was a huge change. My mum always made too many Easter egss, and we were stuck eating them for more than a week each year. At some point I completely stopped eating boiled eggs altogether. Recently, I occasionaly boil an egg for a salad, and decided it’s time to make some for Easter.I don’t remember making Easter eggs when I was younger, so despite this being ‘a family recipe’, it was my first time. And of course, not all went according to plan. I peeled onions and first soaked the onion peels in cold water. During the soaking, I prepared the eggs. I didn’t have any small flowers at hand, so I used larger leaves of one of my (unfortunately dying) plants to make initials of family members. The trick is to add a plant leaf or a flower directly on the eggs shell, and then tightly cover it with a small piece of pantyhose. When the eggs are decorated, you just need to boil them for 10-15 minutes, and they’re done. As you can see on the photos, the water colour changed during those 15 minutes to reddish brown. Unfortunately, the leaves I used for decorating the eggs were not tightly enough covered with pantyhose piece, and only one egg got a readable initial on.


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