Dragonfly closeup

6This morning I was out pretty early, and my car was still in the shades and pretty cool to the touch. Nevertheless, I was surprised to see a dragonfly resting on the side and considering she was very still while I was trying to take a photo, she must have been enjoying the cold surface of my silver car. I googled it afterwards and identified the species as the female blue hawker (Aeshna Cyanea), a species commonly found in Europe.

The Broken Window

The Broken Window by Jeffery Deaver was the last book I read. Considering the page count and my ever-busy daily schedule it took me a while to make it to the end. 

Nevertheless, although fiction it gave me a log to think about. It’s side story is about all the data created digitally and stored in a secret (and supposedly safe) place. When you think about it, there really is a lot of data generated digitally, from one’s credit card payments, GPS trackings of outdoor workouts, web accounts of e-stores etc. 

The story, on the other hand, is a complex page turner, and a great way to pass that extra time in the afternoons. I loved those extra quiet moments I had and spent most of them out on the small balcony, catching warm spring sun and simply relaxing.

I haven’t started a new book since then. I need to finish a work-related project and am focusing on literature from my proffesion. It’s amazing how quickly my brain lost (or displaced) knowledge I don’t use during my daily routine of baby feeding and changing dirty dipers. And I am being optimistic, my current reading list involves a lot of material on statistics and radiobiology.