LEGO Reviews

As an AFOL, I’m a member of two LUGs, one being Slovenian Kocke Klub, and the other international Eurobricks. Both LUGs have their forums, where one can find information on many different subjects related to LEGO bricks. One type of information that I find very helpful are set reviews by AFOLs. Although many LEGO sets are not oriented towards adult population, opinion of AFOLs is still interesting and informative, specially when considering buying sets for different purposes. I made many reviews for Kocke Klub in Slovene, and later joined Eurobricks’ Reviewers Academy to improve my photographic skills and review writing. Here’s a (growing) list of sets I reviewed for Eurobricks.

41094 Heartlake Lighthouse

41033 Jungle Falls Rescue

41025 Sunshine Harvest

21019 Eiffel Tower

41027 Mia’s Lemonade Stand

41009 Andrea’s Bedroom

79106 Cavalry Building Set







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