Corner town house

This was my first modular building posted on Eurobricks forum. It’s a fictional house, based on the round corner, which made the build a bit more complicated. The building took me 2 months and a half, mainly due to lack of time, but partly also due to lack of experience and lack of planning in advance.

The back of the house is rather boring with only a chimney and a window.

The house can be divided in 4 stacking modules (ground floor, first floor, second floor and the roof).

All of them are furnished.

Some of my favourite details from the inside are:

the dining table in the kitchen…

…the coffee table in the living room…

…the pianino…

…and the reading corner under the stairs on the first floor…

…the bathroom…

…with a mirror above the sink and a toilet…

…the wardrobe in the bedroom…

…and a chestdrawer in the bedroom…

…and a small balcony on top floor, where one can relax with a cup of good morning tea with a view of the area.


More images of the details can be found at my Flickr account.

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