Dark green town house

After a long time, I finally managed to put together another modular building, this time a 16 wide one. I went for a 16 wide building so I could build it in a shorter time and use some non-abundant colours from my colection, but in the end it took me more than 2 months to finish it off anyway. I guess I can admit publicly that I’m a slow builder.  :blush:

To get to the topic, the house from the front looks like this. It has a stone foundations from the Derfel Cadarn’s era. I continued with the ‘stone’ work on the top floor around the little balcony.

The house can be divided into 4 sections, all modestly furnished.

My favourite detail of this building is the bay window in the middle floor.

This window was the centre of the build, and the rest of the house was more or less built around it. I included it as in my opinion a bay window can make a great space for sitting, reading or observing the street. :blush:

The terace at the back of the house has a similar stone foundation. It’s a place for leisure while enjoying a chocolate shake with cream.

The sliding doors lead to the kitchen in the first floor. There is room for only the basics (a table with two chairs, a fridge, a stove and an oven, some cupboards and a sink) in the kitchen.

The spiral stairs lead to the second floor, namely a living room. There’s a TV, a coffe table and a couch.

Also, as I include bookshelves in almost all my houses, I tried to made them differently in a corner fashion with offset shelves.

I also tried another technique for a couch, and I made it in a style of a sofa-bed, so visitors are welcome to spend a night on the couch.

From this point, the bay window looks a great place to put some flowers or sit down to read a book. The spiral stairs lead to the third floor’s bedroom.

The bedroom is even more simpler due to lack of space. I tried different combinations for the furniture. The final touch to this room is the exotic flower in the pot that turns into a green snake at night. More photos can be found on Flickr.

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