Kindgdom Joust Day

This time I’m presenting myour latest creation, built together with my boyfriend. Since the two of us own 2 copies of Kingdoms Joust set (10223), we decided to build a medieval diorama based around the Joust set. Diorama is based on 3×5 baseplates (32×32) and is going to be presented this weekend at KockeFest (Slovenian LUG’s exhibition in Ljubljana).

One of the residents is returning to the inner part of the village with horse-driven cart, passing the guards.

Outside the gates there are pastures on one side of the road, and some trees surrounding a small lake on the other side. At the lake, fisherman is catching his lunch.

Behind the gates, people gathered to observe the jousting of knights. There’s a special place for two royal families and nobility on one side of the jousting field, and the commoners are standing on the other side.

At the end of the jousting field are pavilions where the knights can prepare for their turn at the jousting field.

Behind the jousting field, stands the castle, surrounded by a ditch.

The castle is accessible via drawbridge, that can be lifted by turning the wheel at the roof of the middle tower.

At one of the corner towers, another guard is joining his colleagues at the top.

Behind the castle wall, there’s a courtyard, where some of the guards are enjoying a meal and drinks, and the others are moving a chest to a different location.

The castle was deliberately build incomplete (with one side only) and is likely to be extended in the future. Besides, the castle is modular to allow access to the interiors, which is partly furnished (but not yet photographed).

More pictures at higher resolution can be found at my Flickr account.

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