Lighthouse Island

Lighthouse is situated on a rocky island off the mainland and can be accessed by boat.

The lighthouse keeper usually comes to the island by his boat and keeps it in the natural alcove, protected by the strong winds on the island.

The lighthouse was recently modernized, however it still needs regular maintenance. For this reason, the keeper has at hand some useful tools.

The motor of the rotating light is at the top, fourth level of the lighthouse. Other floors are furnished modestly. On the third floor, the landing is used as a small office.

If needed, a cup of warm tea can be made on the second floor.

On warm days with no wind, the keeper spends most of his time outside, sitting on the bench or walking around the island and enjoying the nature.

A view from the top reveals the island’s dimensions. It measures approximately 60 cm x 40 cm on its longest axes.

This was my first build that was also motorized. I used a combination of 9 V battery box, receiver unit from the train and a M motor. As a total beginner with power functions, I was quite proud of myself for actually managing to slow down the motor, and by adding train receiver, I’m able to spin the light brick at various speed. A video of the lighthouse with a rotating light is posted on Flickr as well as higher resolution photos.

The light on the top is simply a light brick attached to an axle. It is turned on by a brick attached to its back. Also, the top terrace can be lifted to allow easy access to the motor and light brick.

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