Modular villas with garden

This time I went for a different approach in modular building. Heavily inspired by the Haunted House, I wanted to create a stand-alone building with garden. From the start of the project, I was working in parallel on both of the houses, hence I am presenting them together.

At the back of the house, there’s lots of space that wasn’t filled with details. The plan is to build a railway track in the back for the town layout of our LUG’s upcoming exhibition. However, I wanted to add details to the back to see more life in town. There’s a small barbecue at the back of the grey house, and a small siting area with wooden table and benches.


The houses were built in similar style. It’s obvious the sand green one is a MOD of Haunted House, while the grey one followed in style. My favourite details of both houses are the entrances. It’s obvious, again, they were made by the same ‘architect’.

Both of the houses were made in modular fashion. The floors can be lifted to see furnished interiors. To start with the sand green house, there’s a lovely corner just under the roof, in the bedroom actually, where the floor is in different levels, to make an easier access to the window, as well as to create a sitting area or just to make room for extra decorations.

In the middle floor, there’s a reading corner, to enjoy afternoons with a great book and relaxing in a quiet space.

The other side of the floor is a bathroom – probably the most challenging build in the house. As it’s crammed in a tight space, there’s not much room for details. It has the basics (a bath, toilet and a sink) and a few pinkish decorations – it’s a girls bathroom.

The ground floor is the main area, there’s a kitchen partly hidden under the stairs, and on the opposite site is the dining area. I’m quite happy with the kitchen, as I tried a ”different” look. It gets hard not to repeat yourself with details.

The dining area is parallel to a sitting area with a small couch and TV. There’s also large glass door to the side porch and a view of the garden.

The garden is small, but green. Also, it’s facing away from the neighbouring house, so it’s a nice and quiet place to relax.

On the side, the grey house is more lively, with both colours and life. There’s a similar floor arangement, with kitchen, diner and living room on the ground floor. This time, a TV set is hidden under the stairs, and a nice view of the garden can be enjoyed from the couch.

The terrace is more open, and is only partly covered by sun shades. From the terrace, the garden is easily accessible. The terrace itself is one of the two favourite parts of the house.

My other favourite part of this house is the daybed on the middle floor. It’s next to a large window to enjoy the view. It’s easy to imagine myself lying there, reading a crime novel, enjoying a hot cup of tea and watching snow falling down (or just daydreaming).

There’s a bathroom on the middle floor as well, a small one, and similar in style to the bathroom of the sand green house.

The top floor is modestly furnished. It’s a bedroom, so there’s not much to see. My favourite detail is the bed with a book shelf included, that was inspired by one of the Ikea’s models.

If interested, a few more pictures can be seen on my Flickr.

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