Park with a statue

The inspiration for this MOC is the city of Copenhagen, where I often found peaceful and quiet areas in a huge number of city’s public parks to enjoying reading a good novel, and sometimes even my study books. This ‘Park with a statue‘ represents a combination of my favorite park features – lots of flowers, and a place to read.

The inspiration was a narrow and longish small park area with a statue at one side. However, from the original I only kept the basic shape. From the open entrance of the park, one can see a flower bed in the middle, dividing the area in two halves. At the side opposite the entrance, there’s a statue of ‘Unknown minifig‘ which is a local attraction and often photos of the statue are taken by tourists passing in the area.

Another specificity of the park is its vegetation. Five different species of flowers are grown in differently shaped flower beds,  creating a nice flowering area between modular buildings surrounding the park.

The aerial view shows the asymmetry of the park. There is a main flower bed in the middle, and other flower beds are set up asymmetrically on each side to create a more natural and wild look of the park. On each side of the park, there are wooden benches which are a great place to rest and read a book.

To conclude, here’s also a side view of the park. More photos of the park can be found on my Brickshelf, FlickR or MOCPages.

And remember, if passing by in the neighborhood, this is a place worth to stop by.

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