Tea house and bride’s dress boutique

These 16-wide modular buildings were made for Eurobricks’ Modular Madness Contest. The left (white) one is bride’s dress boutique, and the right one (medium dark flesh) is a tea house. The idea for the bride’s boutique came from the Town hall. When I was building it, I was wondering where the bride got her dress. :classic:  Also, the Collectable Minifig’s bride was a nice addition. On the other hand, I’m a heavy black tea drinker, and the Tea house was a logical addition for a shopping area.

All floors are furnished. Starting with the boutique, there’s a ‘window’ shopper and a sales woman inside. Here you can mainly see the model dresses and try some tiaras. On the right is the tea house ‘Fine tea’, where they sell a diverse collection of black classic and flavored teas in small tins.

Second floors of both houses feature offices for the managers of the stores. Mainly, the furniture here is simple. In the bride’s boutique they also keep some model books, where the customers can see various dress designs, that are not at display currently.

The third floors of the houses are similarly furnished, featuring a small kitchenette and toilets. I had to include the toilets, because my modular street keeps growing and the only bathroom in town was not enough anymore.   :sceptic:

To conclude the presentation, the back of the houses is simple, and not as detailed as the front.

More photos with details can be found at my FlickR account.

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