The Butterfly Town House

This time I’m presenting another 16 wide modular town house that was built in parallel with the Dark green town house, hence some of the similarities in the building style can be seen.

It can be divided into a roof and 3 floors, all of them furnished.

The first floor is the kitchen. Near the front door, there’s a coat rack. Above the stove is a shelf with tin cans full of aromatic black tea, and my favourite blue cup.

The second floor is my favourite, it’s a living room with a small home office.

On the other side of the wall, there are stairs leading to the third floor. This stairs were heavily inspired by amazing design of Flickr user Deborah Higdon, so all the credit goes to Deborah. I find this type of stairs amazing. They’re made from panels, which are (too me at least) rather unuseful pieces, and on the other hand, they save some space and look more modern.

On the third of floor, there’s a bedroom with some wall decorations.

From the bedroom, one can access one of my two favourite parts of the building, the terace with a view of the city. There’s an umbrella with flexible stand, a chair and some flowers.

My other best part of this house is the small balcony on the front side. I think it helps preventing the building from looking monotoneously dull.

I’m far from mastering photography, but I do find this photo suitable for closing a post.

There’s more photos on my Flickr if anyone’s interested.

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