LEGO Modular buildings progress

I’ve posted another thread on BrickHamster on Modular buildings building guide. This part is on focused on the middle floors of the buildings, and this is what they currently look like.

32-wide corner building
32-wide corner building
32-wide grocery store
32-wide grocery store
16-wide residential building
16-wide residential building

If you’re interested to see more pictures of the buildings being built or read about the building progress, make sure to check (and follow) the BrickHamster’s Tutorial on Modular buildings.


We’ve been looking for a new sofa for months now, and being limited with the space, it already seemed we won’t find a suitable one for our living room. What we want(ed) is a place to relax in front of the TV (my partner) with a good book (me). After having a 2-seater bed sofa for 4 years, we now decided to look for a 3-seater with a possibility to extend it into a bed for the occasional visits of family. To top it all, the length of the sofa was limited to less than 240 cm and the extended arm should be less than 160 cm. So finding a suitable bed sofa turned out to be a bigger challenge than expected.

To pass the time I searched the web for some accessories, that would fit in the room to add more colour in our otherwise black and white scheme. We have a B&W semi-open shelving units to store all our books, Blu-rays and some of my LEGO houses, so that’s the only colour in the room momentarily. I don’t want too many colours on the furniture, so this B&W scheme seems perfect. However, I do like to add more details, such as candles, lamps, and cushions for a cosier athmosphere. To present my ideal room to my partner (with less imaginative ability) I made these moodboards to make it easier to see what I’m looking for.

Black and white
Black and white

My favourite item here is the Kubus candle holder. It’s a designer piece, and a bit expensive so for the moment it’s on my wanted list. The only item from this moodboard I already have is the Cozy Remote Tidy in black. Storing the remote controls have never been easier.


Blue is my favourite colour, so this moodboard came together in no time at all. The blue Cast Iron Teapot is from Twinings collection, and it’s on my wish list for my next Twinings order. I see similar ones in black all the time, and this blue one stands out from the crowd.


I’m not a fan of purple, but this moodboard was actually one of the first I made. It seems that various purple hues are really popular, as so many items can be found online.

Pretty pastels
Pretty pastels

Pastels are popular in the last couple years, and they really look nice. Although pink is not my colour, it looks very romantic in a combination with pale blue and green. I like the tin boxes the most, they all can be found at Dunelm Mill. I only wish they’d ship international as well.

Nautical colourscheme
Nautical moodboard

I know a nautical or coastal themes are popular schemes for summer houses. I put this scheme together mostly based on the cushions. I really like the combination of the colours, tan or cream with various blues. My favourite items from this moodboard are the cushions with map prints and sea motives. They can be found in our local Harvey Norman store. Mostly likely I’m getting one of those soon, just need to decided which one.

To make the long story short(er), we accidentally found a perfect sofa for us while shopping for some sets of drawers for the hallway. It’s cream, and it fits really nicely with the nautical moodboard. We already have a set of dark tan cushions with map prints, and we’re probably get another set of cushions with map prints in different colours. Yeah, can’t wait to sit on the new sofa!

LEGO Modular Buildings Building Guide

I started writing a tutorial of sort for fans of LEGO Modular buildings. I found people asking on LEGO related forums how to start building them and I thought there’s no guide or tutorial to follow. As I’m a huge fan of modular buildings, and prefer to work on my own designs, I decided to document the progress of my new buildings and discuss their progress over at the, a LEGO dedicated blog. So, if you’re interested, you can check the progress there. If not, here’s a snapshot of the current progress.

Three modular buildings in progress
Three modular buildings in progress

Remember, more details can be seen on BrickHamster.

DIY planning home office/LEGO table

Back from the short holidays in Copenhagen, I’m ready to start work at home. While in Denmark, I was able to do lots of web searches to find inspirations and interesting solutions for my home office/LEGO table. Initially, I wanted to go for a custom made table with some drawers beneath, and possibly floating shelves above to display some of my smaller LEGO sets. The nook in my bedroom between the wardrobe and side wall with the window is the only place I could fit in a table with a decent depth to accommodate all my accessories. The width of the nook is only 128 cm and on the side walls there’s two radiator pipes.

Ikea’s Linnmon/Alex table with drawer
Ikea’s Alex drawers add-on for the table

I’m 100% sure to use Alex drawers and the Alex add-on on the table top. What I’m not sure is the table top. While going for the complete Linnmon/Alex assembly, I’m sceptic on how to use the extra 8 cm of space, as I couldn’t find any good solutions for the space, and I’m actually worried I’ll have dust collecting in that tiny nook. Also, if the Alex add-on would be set on the table, I’ll use some of the desk space, but gain a set of drawers to keep some things close.

Going custom, I’m thinking about using a custom cut top table to fit the width of the nook, and have more depth. The maximum I’d go for is 80 cm (Linnmon is only 60 cm), as I have to keep in mind room to move around the office nook to access the window and avoid bumping the bed frame every time. Also, I could use an extra set of drawers beneath if the table would be wider. Nevertheless, I have to keep in mind, that it would be great if the chair I’ll be using would fit in between the drawers when I’m not using it.

I want to use this space for home office to pay the bills, plan the budget, do some work for my job (if need be) and use it as my creative stations for building and creating with LEGO bricks. The drawers would be handy for storing stationary, and the add-on would be a nice base for my tools cabinets with the small and specialized LEGO parts. I’m also thinking of using two or more of the add-ons, but I’m not sure of the stability, as I haven’t seen anyone doing this online.

As for sitting I want something compact but comfortable. The last 4 years I was using a foldable plastic chair and the only complaint I have is sitting on it in the summer, as I was practically stuck to it. What I’d love to have is something in fabric, preferably a monochrome without pattern. I’m liking Ikea’s Skruvsta in grey the most.

Ikea’s Skruvsta

Interesting designs from Ikea are also Patrik in blue (with and without the wheels).

Ikea’s Patrik on wheels
Ikea’s Patrik

Alternatively, Lilly from Moemax looks interesting, and is also much cheaper. I definitely want to try it to see if it’s comfortable as well.

Moemax’s Lilly

Tip Toe from Moemax looks more than lovely, and would fit in our white bedroom really nicely. Grey is becoming my favourite colour and this chair just might be perfect.

Moemax's Tip Toe
Moemax’s Tip Toe

Most of all, I need to keep the budget low, as my home office won’t be a priority in the next months to come, and if I want a personal space now, a low budget should do. Hopefully, in 2 months time, I’ll have my own home office, and I’ll share the pics. Until then, I’m still busy surfing the web for more inspiration and ideas.

What to do with a Simpson’s house

In case you were wondering what to do with a Lego Simpson’s house, here’s a great idea from cimddwc. He’s a skilful modular builder, and his latest modular is a fine example of Lego creativity. I really like the fact that his modular building is recognizable as a building based on the Simpson’s house yet it has a different design. The colour scheme looks great, specially the back side with less details. Contrary to the calm and neutral details on the outside, the inside just pops with colours. And it makes me want my copy of the Simpson’s house to do something similar.

Matt’s Masks by cimddwc

Inspirational modular buildings

What really got me back to playbuild with LEGO was their line of Modular buildings. I was hooked pretty quickly, and the amount of MOC modulars found online was a great inspirational source. Here are some of my favourite ones.

Blooming Blossoms by Kristel
Cast Iron District by Sonicstarlight ( Jonathan Grzywacz)
Chima Trikes Store by cimddwc
Amsterdam Hotel by BrickCityDepot
Minifig Rights Movement – Dutch HQ by Neverroads

Fifty shades of grey

I’m still far away from actually furnishing my own home, but finding inspirational photos of endless possibilities is a reason enough to daydream about it. In a way, I feel I’m developing my own style of what I like or dislike, as it’s much easier to see it, and decide on the effect.

One of the things or I should say one of the colours, that grew up on me is grey. Basically, I prefer light grey shades. They seem to be close to neutral, easy to combine with a splash of bright colour, and still look interesting. And shades of grey can be used everywhere and for everything.

Hallway with grey walls, white door and large white picture frames.


Grey kitchen with a splash of white and yellow.
Bathroom decorations in dark red nicely complement dark grey.
A combination of turquoise and light grey looks very calm, and seems a great colour choice for a reading or relaxing nook.