Learning photography

Everynow and the I stumble upon photography tips and tricks, and how to improve photography skills. Since I’m mostly using auto and program mode on my old Cannon, I decided to play around with aperture settings. I visited the local botanical gardens and took several photos with different settings. I’m happy with the results and encouraged to try more.

Mid-day time off

The first time in almost two months, the girls in our family enjoyed a lunch outdoors. One had a bottle of milk, the other one just a salad. After a short shopping spree getting some essentials for home and a new shade for the stroller, we hit the road to my favourite place, local botanical garden Arboretum Volcji potok. It’s been a while since I visited it during the day on a working day, and I had the pleasure to enjoy the peace and quiet and cool and fresh air. Even the bench by the fountain was unoccopied. When I returned to the gardens later in the afternoon, the noise from the children’s playground was filling the air.

Spring awakening

Last weeks were all about creating a daily routine to include all the activities to keep a toddler active, a baby fed and rested and me with some time off. The last was not as succesful as I’d hoped. Nevertheless, despite the April rainy days I enjoyed beautiful spring nature in the local botanical gardens. Despite being a frequent visitor I can still discover hidden places within the park.

Time to relax and a fresh start

In the last year, the nearby botanical garden (Arboretum Volcji potok) became a place I visited weekly. Not every day, but still many times a week. Despite this many visits, it’s still a great place to relax, enjoy a walk, or run after our toddler on the children’s playground. The changing nature does the trick, there’s always something to see.

Sunday’s walk

After a year and a half I still feel like the new one in the neighborhood. Years ago I rollerskated almost every afternoon. The rollerskates were my favourite transport means, and they could get me just about everywhere. But then I started to move places, and I never could really find the perfect route for rollerskate exercise (as in a long stretch of asphalt with little to no traffic to increase the heart rate). Last Sunday’s weather report was rainy, and when the early morning showed some sun, it was the best thing to just get out. I put the baby in the stroller, so he got to enjoy the scenic route, and I got a chance to do some fast pace walking to wake up completely. I didn’t mention I got only 5 hours of sleep the night before, so I had to get out of the flat, otherwise I’d fall asleep on the floor.

I didn’t take the rollerskates, but I did check a side road I had in mind for a while. Although it’s close to the main traffic route to the nearby town, it’s blocked by a low railing, and offers a great view of the surrounding fields and mountains in the back. On my way back, I picked some wild daisy flowers to remind me of the sunny morning. I have to admit I’m enjoying them these last few days, as the weather turned grey and dull.




Keeping busy and active

Admitting I’ve slept through most of the afternoons last couple of weeks, I didn’t have much extra ”me time” to spend online. I need to get to bed much earlier in the evenings, but reading a book isn’t helpful, as I just keep turning pages. I started reading a book (that’s actually older than I am) The Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel by accident. I’ll let you know how much I liked it, when I’m done. Just a hint, I take it with me on every walk I take with the stroller, but I usually don’t find a cosy spot to read, or the baby doesn’t sleep which means I can’t stop.

This afternoon I decided to check another location close by, an artificial lake Gradisko jezero (coordinates 46° 9’28″N; 14°42’47″E). I was positively surprised by the nature there. It’s actually close by to the highway, but hardly any traffic is heard. Even the narrow road to the lake was very picturesque. I was driving, so I couldn’t take any picture. But I took some with my phone on the way around the lake. It’s about 4.2 km and the path doesn’t follow the lake shore all the way around. There are actually some short climbs, which weren’t so comfortable with the stroller, but they were worth it. For sure, next time I’m going there, I’ll bring a real camera. For now, these are some of the highlights.

Starting point
Starting point
Surrounding hills
Surrounding hills
Glimpses of the lake
Glimpses of the lake
Looking to the starting point about half way around the lake
About half way around the lake
Reflections in the lake
Reflections in the water