A sneak preview of IKEA’s 2016 catalog

August is the month for all IKEA fans, as a new catalog is released in this month. This week I got a promotional mail from Ikea.at, the Austrian branch of the Swedish furniture gigant, and I had a preview of the online catalog. I admit turning pages of the paper catalog is a special feeling, specially when looking for inspirations and ideas how to make your home your own special place. Nevertheless, the online catalog does have some nice feature (as you don’t have to wait the postman to bring you the paper catalog). Here’s some of my highlights I’d like at home.

A tablet stand
A tablet stand
Geometric pendant lamp shade
Geometric pendant lamp shade
A set of lanterns with candles
A set of lanterns with candles
Tea light holders
Tea light holders

Here’s a link to the Austrian online Ikea catalog.

DIY planning home office/LEGO table

Back from the short holidays in Copenhagen, I’m ready to start work at home. While in Denmark, I was able to do lots of web searches to find inspirations and interesting solutions for my home office/LEGO table. Initially, I wanted to go for a custom made table with some drawers beneath, and possibly floating shelves above to display some of my smaller LEGO sets. The nook in my bedroom between the wardrobe and side wall with the window is the only place I could fit in a table with a decent depth to accommodate all my accessories. The width of the nook is only 128 cm and on the side walls there’s two radiator pipes.

Ikea’s Linnmon/Alex table with drawer
Ikea’s Alex drawers add-on for the table

I’m 100% sure to use Alex drawers and the Alex add-on on the table top. What I’m not sure is the table top. While going for the complete Linnmon/Alex assembly, I’m sceptic on how to use the extra 8 cm of space, as I couldn’t find any good solutions for the space, and I’m actually worried I’ll have dust collecting in that tiny nook. Also, if the Alex add-on would be set on the table, I’ll use some of the desk space, but gain a set of drawers to keep some things close.

Going custom, I’m thinking about using a custom cut top table to fit the width of the nook, and have more depth. The maximum I’d go for is 80 cm (Linnmon is only 60 cm), as I have to keep in mind room to move around the office nook to access the window and avoid bumping the bed frame every time. Also, I could use an extra set of drawers beneath if the table would be wider. Nevertheless, I have to keep in mind, that it would be great if the chair I’ll be using would fit in between the drawers when I’m not using it.

I want to use this space for home office to pay the bills, plan the budget, do some work for my job (if need be) and use it as my creative stations for building and creating with LEGO bricks. The drawers would be handy for storing stationary, and the add-on would be a nice base for my tools cabinets with the small and specialized LEGO parts. I’m also thinking of using two or more of the add-ons, but I’m not sure of the stability, as I haven’t seen anyone doing this online.

As for sitting I want something compact but comfortable. The last 4 years I was using a foldable plastic chair and the only complaint I have is sitting on it in the summer, as I was practically stuck to it. What I’d love to have is something in fabric, preferably a monochrome without pattern. I’m liking Ikea’s Skruvsta in grey the most.

Ikea’s Skruvsta

Interesting designs from Ikea are also Patrik in blue (with and without the wheels).

Ikea’s Patrik on wheels
Ikea’s Patrik

Alternatively, Lilly from Moemax looks interesting, and is also much cheaper. I definitely want to try it to see if it’s comfortable as well.

Moemax’s Lilly

Tip Toe from Moemax looks more than lovely, and would fit in our white bedroom really nicely. Grey is becoming my favourite colour and this chair just might be perfect.

Moemax's Tip Toe
Moemax’s Tip Toe

Most of all, I need to keep the budget low, as my home office won’t be a priority in the next months to come, and if I want a personal space now, a low budget should do. Hopefully, in 2 months time, I’ll have my own home office, and I’ll share the pics. Until then, I’m still busy surfing the web for more inspiration and ideas.