Finishing touches – inspirations for the toilet

The first ”room” to be completed with the final touches seems to be the toilet. It’s a small and narrow place, basically just the toilet and a small sink. What I miss the most here is storage. I don’t need much, but I need it. I mean, is there a worse thing than running out of toilet paper?

Luckily, lots of inspiration can be found out online. My favourite is building a small cabinet around the sides and above, like this one found on The down point is, I should have it custom made, which would get pricier.

Cabinet surrounding the toilet


An alternative to this cabinet is a simple wire rack to hold the most needed accessories, that is rolls of toilet paper and reading material. Apparently, the more skilled could make it themselves (DIY project).

A simple wire rack

Among many toilet paper storage solutions, a glass vase is by far my favourite. I’m actually looking for a tall vase with the right dimensions to hold toilet paper rolls. A down point here would be accumulation of dust, that would need regular wiping, but I guess I can do that. Doesn’t it look pretty?

Vase as a toilet paper holder

Installing shelving above the toilet was our first thought, but while remodelling our bathroom and the toilet, we decided to move the water heater to the toilet, to make the bathroom more spacious. This one was the an inspiration for the colour scheme. I wanted a blue one first, as there are no windows in the bathroom and the toilet, and I wanted some bright colours. As we failed to find something suitable, this brown scheme proved to me that brown does not necessarily make a room darker.

Shelving above the toilet

Decorations on the above picture look lovely, and I’d love to have a plant included, but as there’s no window, I’m not sure how the poor plant would survive it.

Hopefully, the toilet will be done in a month or so, and I’ll blog the final design.

Waiting for a train

I’m taking advantage of being home alone, with the baby sound asleep, and surfing the web. As my Lego collection hasn’t been restored yet (I still don’t have a designated Lego area in this appartment, nor the time to build), I’m looking also for some inspirational MOCs. Although small in size, this train station is full of lovely details. I wouldn’t mind waiting for a train here even if it was running late.

Train station by Snaillad

What to do with a Simpson’s house

In case you were wondering what to do with a Lego Simpson’s house, here’s a great idea from cimddwc. He’s a skilful modular builder, and his latest modular is a fine example of Lego creativity. I really like the fact that his modular building is recognizable as a building based on the Simpson’s house yet it has a different design. The colour scheme looks great, specially the back side with less details. Contrary to the calm and neutral details on the outside, the inside just pops with colours. And it makes me want my copy of the Simpson’s house to do something similar.

Matt’s Masks by cimddwc

Inspirational modular buildings

What really got me back to playbuild with LEGO was their line of Modular buildings. I was hooked pretty quickly, and the amount of MOC modulars found online was a great inspirational source. Here are some of my favourite ones.

Blooming Blossoms by Kristel
Cast Iron District by Sonicstarlight ( Jonathan Grzywacz)
Chima Trikes Store by cimddwc
Amsterdam Hotel by BrickCityDepot
Minifig Rights Movement – Dutch HQ by Neverroads

Pink Palace

I found this Pink Palace on Flickr and I think it looks amazing, specially considering its colour scheme. I’d never thought a large building would look so great in pink. This MOC has many lovely details, from window decorations in white to beautifully arranged flowers around the palace’s walls to a fountain in the middle of the park. It definitely gives me ideas for my future projects.

Pink Palace by Tam