Sherlock Holmes

I’ve started reading a new Sherlock Holmes’ book written by June Thomson, and not sir A. C. Doyle. I found it on my father’s bookshelf, and borrowed it.

According to the reviews, June Thomson is ”dedicated to capturing the essence of Doyle’s stories and characters and placing them in many new scenarios both common and uncommon”. I’ve read the first short story, and I like her style. There are also references to the previous cases (written by Doyle), and it makes me reread them all over (again).

In addition, June Thomson is an author of three more books, The Secret Archive of Sherlock Holmes, The Secret Notebooks of Sherlock Holmes and the Holmes and Watson. The collection includes a series of short stories, but one of the eye catching hallmarks of the collection is the book cover design. The silhouettes and shadows capture the ”secret” spirit of the famous detective really nicely.