Planning ahead

I never was much of a planner. I made plans, lots of them. Probably too much of them as I wasn’t always able to stick by them. Things were done eventually, but not on by the proposed timeline. Proffesionally, I find it easier to follow the plans since the deadlines are more strict. Personally when trying to arrange my time between all the house work, home improvement, naps and relaxation, sticking to the plan is more challenging. 

Keeping all the appointments and plans in my head became more challenging, so I decided to try using a planner. I bought this tiny notebook and now I’m trying to take notes of all the important things. Tonight I felt optimistic and made some extra plans for the week just to see if I can keep it up.

Relaxation with a cup of tea

I don’t remember the first time I tried black tea, but I know it was around 15 years ago. It was extremely sweet (as my parents enjoyed it). I liked it a lot, and slowly began enjoying it. Now, I’m a huge fan of various black teas. Either in the morning as a wake up, during the day at work or in the evening with a good book, I enjoy this daily routine. What matter more is the way it’s served. I noticed I use different mugs, depending how I feel. And even more, my mood determines which tea I’ll enjoy.

My favourite teas are Twinings’ Lady Grey, and Kusmi’s Kashmir Tchai, but in general I like most of Earl Grey variation with citruses and different Chai variations with aromatic spices.

Twinings’ Lady Grey Tea
Kusmi’s Kashmir Tchai

Today I was on a day trip to Vienna, Austria, shopping for Lego Mini Cooper model, and I was positively surprised to find a Kusmi store in the same shopping centre. Naturally, I stopped there, and brought two new tins home. In addition to various types and aromas, colourful tins from Kusmi Teas make also a lovely decoration. All in all, different Kusmi’s teas are worth trying out and enjoying throughout the day.

A wall of colourful Kusmi tins