Brick-built bookends

My latest MOC is this set of bookends. I wanted to try something different, and made first a tropical island, followed by a buildings facade. The conection between them are books, all brick-built. The message I wanted to convey is that by entering the world of fiction or fantasy can take you to special place even if the entry point seems as dull as this buildings facade.


Destination Lake Bohinj

Last Sunday in August, I finally took my family to Lake Bohinj. I usually go there at least once a year, as it’s one of my favourite places in Slovenia. It’s a combination of wild nature, clear water and pleasant climate. Since the summer holidays were ending, I was expecting a bigger crowd at the lake, also due to the nice weather, but I was wrong. There were visitors at the lake, but it wasn’t as crowded as during the summer season. This year, the lake was unusually worm, and that attracted many people to go there for a swim and to cool down.

If you’re planing a visit to Slovenia, Lake Bohinj should be on your list if you like nature. The coordinates of the eastern side of the lake are 46.278917, 13.885511. Basically, most of the infrastructure is a few kilometers away from the lake, and that makes it even more attractive. There are a shop, a turist office, a boat rental, and several cafes close by, but it’s the landscape that brings you to the lake, and you don’t really miss anything. The lake is also a starting point for hiking trips to the surrounding mountains. Water is usually prety cold, but refreshing and very clear. This summer, however, the temperature rose to about 24°C for several days. Even this last Sunday, the water was still refreshing, and swimming in the lake made my day even better.

St. John the Baptist's Church by the lake
St. John the Baptist’s Church by the lake
Lake Bohinj
Fish in the lake
Fish in the lake
Colours of the lake
Under the trees
Under the trees
Fish in the lake
Fish in the shallow water of the lake
View across the lake
View across the lake

The spring awakening

It’s been a while since my last post, and a lot happened in this time. Mostly, I was kept to busy to sit behind the computer, and I spent much more time outside than I did before. The reason for this was extremely nice weather, sunny and warm with little winds. Also, the days got longer, and it was great taking even longer walks in daylight. I used the opportunity and went to visit a local botanical garden Arboretum Volčji potok. Considering I bought a year ticket, I’ll be there again and many times. It’s the largest horticultural facility in Slovenia, and very well known. When travelling, I always try to visit local parks and botanical gardens, but for some reason this didn’t apply locally. Now that I’m living very close to the Arboretum, I took the opportunity and went there for a long walk. The grounds is about 80 hectare, and there’s a lot of paths around it. As I went there in the middle of a work day, and since the spring is at the beginning, there were hardly any visitors. To top it off, a very nice elderly lady I met at the entrance gate while leaving the park, made a nice comment about my age while chatting about leaving home and living on your own. Apparently, in her eyes I was a 20 year old. No need to say, I’ll be back to the park to here more comments like this. And to see the nature bloom, too.

Hellebore flowers
A lonely daisy
Spring snowflake
Saffron crocus
Park benches
Reflections in the pond

The Wild Lake

Every now and then, I visit the Wild Lake (slovenian Divje jezero), located near Idrija. The lake is special in many ways. It is protected as natural monument since 1967. It is small, but goes very deep. The steeply inclined tunnel has been explored to the depth of 160 m. The lake is also the source of the river Jezernica, a tributary to river Idrijca, and at 55 m the shortest  river in Slovenia. What I like about the place is the nature. It is surrounded by high rocks and tall trees, and is a very relaxing place with its green waters.

Wild Lake
Green is everywhere
Tall trees surrounding the lake area

Pink Palace

I found this Pink Palace on Flickr and I think it looks amazing, specially considering its colour scheme. I’d never thought a large building would look so great in pink. This MOC has many lovely details, from window decorations in white to beautifully arranged flowers around the palace’s walls to a fountain in the middle of the park. It definitely gives me ideas for my future projects.

Pink Palace by Tam

Clearing in the forest

This was a quick build during a short break from sorting a pile of various foliage bricks. Instead of putting them in the corresponding zipbags, drawers and boxes, I mixed them together in this mini MOC.

The center of the MOC is the fawn from the Collectible Friends Animals. I actually like it better without the bow and in a forest, partly hidden by dense growth.

Dense growth and tall trees are partly hiding the fawn, when viewing from the back side of the forest.