3, 2, 1…and go!

I’m all packed for the autumn’s KockeFest, Slovenian LEGO exhibition. Being of the members of Kocke Klub (Slovenian LEGO Users Group), I’m always excited to show off our creations at these exhibitions.

If you’re in the neighbourhood this weekend, make sure to stop for a visit at the venue (Primary school Koseze, Ledarska 23, Ljubljana) and enjoy the playful spirit of KockeFest.

Changing routine

The last month was pretty much based on routine. Feeding, changing diapers, trying to have a nap, and going for walks with the stroller. These walks were really nice for the first couple of days, when I was enjoying the warm sun and discovering the new neighbourhood.

Rainbow on a sunny day.

Since the weather turned to worse, the usual walk by the Kamniska Bistrica is less picturesque. To break the routine, I went for a walk in Tivoli Park in Ljubljana, about 20 minutes driving. It’s a bit extra walk to pack the car with the stroller and baby seat, but it was worth it. The change of environment was good, and I managed to take some photos with my phone.

A fallen tree.


Reflections in the pond.
Shedding leaves.

The only thing missing was a cup of hot tea from the caffe by the pond, which is unfortunately closed during the winter months.

Bird’s perspective

In the centre of the city, at the top of the hill, above the slow Ljubljanica river, there’s a castle. Not just any castle, it’s Ljubljana Castle. A mighty medieval fortress, a symbol of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana is an interesting tourist point, the idyllic grounds for long strolls just a glance away from the lively city centre. Although much smaller in size than most famous castles around Europe, it has a characteristic shape with one tower sticking out. The green/white flag hanging from a pole at the top viewing platform can be seen from the city centre, and the platform is a nice viewing point for the city and even surrounding villages and towns. And climbing the inner circular stairway is an adventure on its own.


Ljubljana Castle