Modular buildings building guide – part 6

One of the reasons I’ve been much less active here on the blog was my increased activity on the BrickHamster blog. I was also finishing up some reviews for my LEGO blog, as well as taking final photos of my newest modular buildings. The building were finished at the end of October, but they were immeadiately set on tour. I had them on three different exhibitions in two months time, and in between I was lazy enough to just keep them packed in the boxes. Finally, I put together the 6th chapter of the Modular buildings building guide and posted the progress on BrickHamster. Here’s what the roof of my favourite of the three modular buildings looks like. If you’re interested to see more, you’re welcome to visit BrickHamster. The final photos of the layout of the finished buildings will be ready soon, and will also be posted here, so keep in touch.



10251 Brick Bank

TLG made an announcement of the next in line of the Modular Buildings Series, namely the Brick Bank (10251). One thing is sure, this is the next in line set for my shopping list. That doesn’t come as a surprise, since I adore the Modular Buildings Series. I’ve been following some of the AFOL community responses about this set, and as expected there’s a lot of mixed opinions. I usually don’t make many comments on sets I haven’t build, as the building part is an important part of the experience. However, considering my reaction when I saw the first pictures of the Brick Bank, I decided to share my opinion.

I was shocked, but in a positive way. Despite having lots of work, I was constantly re-evaluating the pictures and taking in the amount of details, new parts and re-colours. I could say I was hypnotized by it. I really like the neoclassical building style of the bank as well as the side building with the laundromat. One of the things I like the most about is the use of some very special parts. Most of the sets I consider as a building material for my MOCs, and I’m already seeing those sand green windows, grey ingots (the bars on the facade) and the triangular tiles in my future MOCs. Another thing I like about this building, but many AFOLs don’t, is a clear line between two parts of the building giving an impression of two separate buildings. This creates an interesting skyline, and if you consider that a street of buildings rarely has all street facing facade done in the same style and size, this detail actually adds a bit of realism to the model. All in all, TLG’s designer(s) did a great job (again).

LEGO Modular buildings progress

I’ve posted another thread on BrickHamster on Modular buildings building guide. This part is on focused on the middle floors of the buildings, and this is what they currently look like.

32-wide corner building
32-wide corner building
32-wide grocery store
32-wide grocery store
16-wide residential building
16-wide residential building

If you’re interested to see more pictures of the buildings being built or read about the building progress, make sure to check (and follow) the BrickHamster’s Tutorial on Modular buildings.

LEGO Modular Buildings Building Guide

I started writing a tutorial of sort for fans of LEGO Modular buildings. I found people asking on LEGO related forums how to start building them and I thought there’s no guide or tutorial to follow. As I’m a huge fan of modular buildings, and prefer to work on my own designs, I decided to document the progress of my new buildings and discuss their progress over at the, a LEGO dedicated blog. So, if you’re interested, you can check the progress there. If not, here’s a snapshot of the current progress.

Three modular buildings in progress
Three modular buildings in progress

Remember, more details can be seen on BrickHamster.

What to do with a Simpson’s house

In case you were wondering what to do with a Lego Simpson’s house, here’s a great idea from cimddwc. He’s a skilful modular builder, and his latest modular is a fine example of Lego creativity. I really like the fact that his modular building is recognizable as a building based on the Simpson’s house yet it has a different design. The colour scheme looks great, specially the back side with less details. Contrary to the calm and neutral details on the outside, the inside just pops with colours. And it makes me want my copy of the Simpson’s house to do something similar.

Matt’s Masks by cimddwc

Inspirational modular buildings

What really got me back to playbuild with LEGO was their line of Modular buildings. I was hooked pretty quickly, and the amount of MOC modulars found online was a great inspirational source. Here are some of my favourite ones.

Blooming Blossoms by Kristel
Cast Iron District by Sonicstarlight ( Jonathan Grzywacz)
Chima Trikes Store by cimddwc
Amsterdam Hotel by BrickCityDepot
Minifig Rights Movement – Dutch HQ by Neverroads