Time to cool down

The temperatures are rising higher every day. The best way to ease the troubles of the heatwave is to escape from the city to the more rural areas close to the mountains. A combination of higher altitude, more vegetation and some water is perfect to cool and the nice view is just a bonus. I’ve been to two different parts of the Alps, both pretty and cool. Luckily, I live close enough to enjoy this day trips (less then 90 min drice).

Learning photography

Everynow and the I stumble upon photography tips and tricks, and how to improve photography skills. Since I’m mostly using auto and program mode on my old Cannon, I decided to play around with aperture settings. I visited the local botanical gardens and took several photos with different settings. I’m happy with the results and encouraged to try more.

Dragonfly closeup

6This morning I was out pretty early, and my car was still in the shades and pretty cool to the touch. Nevertheless, I was surprised to see a dragonfly resting on the side and considering she was very still while I was trying to take a photo, she must have been enjoying the cold surface of my silver car. I googled it afterwards and identified the species as the female blue hawker (Aeshna Cyanea), a species commonly found in Europe.

Spring awakening

Last weeks were all about creating a daily routine to include all the activities to keep a toddler active, a baby fed and rested and me with some time off. The last was not as succesful as I’d hoped. Nevertheless, despite the April rainy days I enjoyed beautiful spring nature in the local botanical gardens. Despite being a frequent visitor I can still discover hidden places within the park.

Winter travel

The end of the year is always a great time to travel, either to snow covered lands or Christmas decorated cities. I had a chance for both, but my train conection didn’t allow much time off, so I didn’t get to see much of the Christmas decorations of the Austrian cities Salzburg and Innsbruck. Nevertheless, a short stay in south Tyrol mountains was very pleasant.

Time to relax and a fresh start

In the last year, the nearby botanical garden (Arboretum Volcji potok) became a place I visited weekly. Not every day, but still many times a week. Despite this many visits, it’s still a great place to relax, enjoy a walk, or run after our toddler on the children’s playground. The changing nature does the trick, there’s always something to see.