Spring awakening

Last weeks were all about creating a daily routine to include all the activities to keep a toddler active, a baby fed and rested and me with some time off. The last was not as succesful as I’d hoped. Nevertheless, despite the April rainy days I enjoyed beautiful spring nature in the local botanical gardens. Despite being a frequent visitor I can still discover hidden places within the park.

Changing routine

The last month was pretty much based on routine. Feeding, changing diapers, trying to have a nap, and going for walks with the stroller. These walks were really nice for the first couple of days, when I was enjoying the warm sun and discovering the new neighbourhood.

Rainbow on a sunny day.

Since the weather turned to worse, the usual walk by the Kamniska Bistrica is less picturesque. To break the routine, I went for a walk in Tivoli Park in Ljubljana, about 20 minutes driving. It’s a bit extra walk to pack the car with the stroller and baby seat, but it was worth it. The change of environment was good, and I managed to take some photos with my phone.

A fallen tree.


Reflections in the pond.
Shedding leaves.

The only thing missing was a cup of hot tea from the caffe by the pond, which is unfortunately closed during the winter months.