Reviewing LEGO sets

In the last weeks while I wasn’t posting much, I was pretty involved in my LEGO hobby. I started sorting loose bricks in the bins to add them to the existing storage system (hopefully, I’ll be able to take more pictures when the mess won’t be so obvious), building sets and reviewing some of them. Within the Eurobricks’ Reviewers Academy, I reviewed 41033 Jungle Falls Rescue and 41094 Heartlake Lighthouse. Both reviews are extensive, so if you’re interested, grab a cup of coffee and follow the links.

Sunshine Harvest (41026)

LEGO Friends was a controversial theme when it came out, and for some it still is with the minidolls looking the way they do. However, on a long run, the theme is very successful and in my opinion it’s the quality of play experience that these sets have to offer also to the slightly older than target population. I picked up Sunshine Harvest mainly for parts, which is what I usually do with Friends’ sets, but in the end I like the set as it is, and wouldn’t mind getting another one. If you want to know more, you can read my Review of Sunshine Harvest on my designated page or Eurobricks.

Sunshine Harvest (41026)

The Eiffel Tower (21019)

When I bought my first Architecture set, it was a Big Ben, and my reasoning for it has been that it’s a wonderful rendition of a building I saw in London. Following that, I was considering buying only those sets from the Architecture Landmark series, that I’ve visited on my trips. Well, this didn’t work out and I got myself the Eiffel Tower, a set of iconic French building I’m yet to see in person. It’s instantly recognizable, and has some interesting SNOT building techniques. If you want to know more, you can read my RA Review of The Eiffel Tower on my designated page or on the Eurobricks forum.

The Eiffel Tower, LEGO Architecture Landmark Series