Spring awakening

Last weeks were all about creating a daily routine to include all the activities to keep a toddler active, a baby fed and rested and me with some time off. The last was not as succesful as I’d hoped. Nevertheless, despite the April rainy days I enjoyed beautiful spring nature in the local botanical gardens. Despite being a frequent visitor I can still discover hidden places within the park.

Winter travel

The end of the year is always a great time to travel, either to snow covered lands or Christmas decorated cities. I had a chance for both, but my train conection didn’t allow much time off, so I didn’t get to see much of the Christmas decorations of the Austrian cities Salzburg and Innsbruck. Nevertheless, a short stay in south Tyrol mountains was very pleasant.

A visit to Amsterdam

As I’m getting ready for my next business trip, I realized I haven’t finished my post on the last trip. I spent 5 days in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in early September.  I didn’t have much time for sightseeing, but since this was my second time there, I simply enjoyed the scenery and warm weather. I discovered some interesting bookshops, and brought home lots of new books to read in the near future.

A trip down the memory lane to the sea

This was the first summer in a long time when I didn’t go to the seaside for at least a day. Considering I spent more than 3 years living on the coast, and enjoying the salty air, I might think I wouldn’t miss it, but I do. A trip down the memory lane brought some nice memories of swimming in the cool sea, walking down the promenade or simply enjoying sunsets at the beach. We only have about 46 km of the coastline, but we do have some beautiful spots along that line.

Sunset at Piran
Sailing boats
Sunset at the pier in Portoroz
Looking down at my favourite beach in Slovenia
Mooring boats at the pier

The Wild Lake

The Wild Lake (Slovenian name is Divje jezero) is a karst siphon lake located near Idrija, Slovenia (45°58′56″N 14°1′41″E). It’s one of my favourite places and has a special place in my heart. The lake is close to where one set of my grandparents came from, and as a teen I often cycled to the lake and back when I stayed there. The lake is protected as a natural monument. It’s located between the rocky walls, and is also partially hidden from the road. The tall trees surrounding the lake are reflected in the water, and give the lake its specific blue colour. Additionally, it’s also known for its flora and fauna. In the lake you can find the brown traut, and in the caves bellow the water numerous underground animals, including the famous proteous. Around the lake in cold and shady niches, more than 150 different ferns and seed plants, of which many are typically found in the Alps. If you’re ever in the vicinity, this is a place worth to stop by even if it’s just a short break on the road.

The Wild Lake
The Wild Lake
Panorama of the Wild Lake
Panorama of the Wild Lake
The rocks reflecting in the clear water
The rocks reflecting in the clear water

The spring awakening

It’s been a while since my last post, and a lot happened in this time. Mostly, I was kept to busy to sit behind the computer, and I spent much more time outside than I did before. The reason for this was extremely nice weather, sunny and warm with little winds. Also, the days got longer, and it was great taking even longer walks in daylight. I used the opportunity and went to visit a local botanical garden Arboretum Volčji potok. Considering I bought a year ticket, I’ll be there again and many times. It’s the largest horticultural facility in Slovenia, and very well known. When travelling, I always try to visit local parks and botanical gardens, but for some reason this didn’t apply locally. Now that I’m living very close to the Arboretum, I took the opportunity and went there for a long walk. The grounds is about 80 hectare, and there’s a lot of paths around it. As I went there in the middle of a work day, and since the spring is at the beginning, there were hardly any visitors. To top it off, a very nice elderly lady I met at the entrance gate while leaving the park, made a nice comment about my age while chatting about leaving home and living on your own. Apparently, in her eyes I was a 20 year old. No need to say, I’ll be back to the park to here more comments like this. And to see the nature bloom, too.

Hellebore flowers
A lonely daisy
Spring snowflake
Saffron crocus
Park benches
Reflections in the pond

The Wild Lake

Every now and then, I visit the Wild Lake (slovenian Divje jezero), located near Idrija. The lake is special in many ways. It is protected as natural monument since 1967. It is small, but goes very deep. The steeply inclined tunnel has been explored to the depth of 160 m. The lake is also the source of the river Jezernica, a tributary to river Idrijca, and at 55 m the shortest  river in Slovenia. What I like about the place is the nature. It is surrounded by high rocks and tall trees, and is a very relaxing place with its green waters.

Wild Lake
Green is everywhere
Tall trees surrounding the lake area