Sunset at sea

The last couple of months I’ve been extremely busy at work, and had practically no time for myself except the early morning workout routine (which got pretty exhaustive in the end as I was pulling late hours trying to finish all the project). I managed to complete all the important projects just on time before starting summer holidays. This is the view from my first day off, enjoying the sunset at sea.


Winter Copenhagen sunset

I just noticed I haven’t posted anything this month yet. Well, I’ve been very busy. Not at work, though. Now that I look back, I actually spent only 4 days at work, had a week long stay in Copenhagen, and the rest of the time I was on a sick leave. December is typically the most active month of the year with many celebrations, however I spent most of it at home taking care of my baby, or more appropriately my little boy. Luckily, he got the chicken pox a week after we came back home, so at least our stay in Copenhagen was the best time of the month. Luckily, we weren’t blown away by the strong winds, however we did loose the stroller’s rain cover, by the wind of course. Half of the time it was cloudy, but on the other days I got to enjoy lovely sunsets by the sea.


A trip down the memory lane to the sea

This was the first summer in a long time when I didn’t go to the seaside for at least a day. Considering I spent more than 3 years living on the coast, and enjoying the salty air, I might think I wouldn’t miss it, but I do. A trip down the memory lane brought some nice memories of swimming in the cool sea, walking down the promenade or simply enjoying sunsets at the beach. We only have about 46 km of the coastline, but we do have some beautiful spots along that line.

Sunset at Piran
Sailing boats
Sunset at the pier in Portoroz
Looking down at my favourite beach in Slovenia
Mooring boats at the pier

Back online

I got back from a 10-day break from the world. I spent these last days in Klenovica, a small village on the coast of Croatia, and it was very enjoyable. We had an apartment booked only about 150 m away from the closest beach. This was a small bay close to the north part of the village, and luckily with not many visitors. Probably also due to the not so summer weather, we had this spot mostly just for ourselves.

A very small bay in Klenovica, Croatia

The water was very refreshing. The area is known for springs of fresh water, and they affect the sea temperature. Gaps of much colder water at the sea surface are an interesting phenomena, and can be refreshing at high temperatures.

We booked the appartment via, and the main criteria for the search was to include a terrace, as this is the one thing I miss in my rented flat. There’s no need to mention the view from the terrace was lovely, specially when it wasn’t raining. Unfortunately, it rained a lot, so I got to spend much of my time outside on the terrace reading, but more on that in another post. However, the few sunsets were beautiful, even though I had to cuddle myself with a blanket.

A view from the terrace – sunset at sea
A lonely boat at sunset


Summer offline mode

I’m getting ready for a trip to the sea side. According to the information on the apartment, internet won’t be available. Just to make sure to keep me occupied during the next 10 days, I packed these:

Summer reading list

As I prefer to stay out of the sun during the peak hours to protect myself from sunburns, having a pile of books at the side is my best option. Just in case I ran out of the paperbacks, I have extra books on my Kindle (around 40 unread).

Reading ebooks has another advantage during summer holidays. While enjoying beautiful sunsets on the terrace, and light breeze in the late evening, there’s no need to keep the lights on, hence avoiding mosquito bites.

Sunset at sea

Usually, I try to get familiar with the location where I’m going, so I don’t have problems with orientation and more importantly, to find the interesting locations for visiting before the start of the trip. However, as Google Street view is not available for this year’s location, I’m getting in the mood by going through the old pictures.

Aerial view of the beach