Train station

My latest build, soon to be taken apart and sorted for new projects is a LEGO train station. Ever since I made my passenger train, I dreamt about a station to park it there. This one was made specifically for our LUGs exhibition and it had to fit in a preplaned layout, so there were some limitations.

Train station

At the back of the building there’s three platforms. I know they’re a bit short, but that was the limit of the layout.

A view of the platforms behind the station building

A view from the top reveals the size. It’s 12 baseplates of 32×32 studs (one baseplate is about 25×25 cm2).

A birds perspective

The entrance to the station building is from a large square.

The entrance to the building

There’s a shorter version of my passenger train (this one is missing the middle car) parked on the platform.

Passenger train on the platform

A few more details can be found on my Flickr stream.

Waiting for a train

I’m taking advantage of being home alone, with the baby sound asleep, and surfing the web. As my Lego collection hasn’t been restored yet (I still don’t have a designated Lego area in this appartment, nor the time to build), I’m looking also for some inspirational MOCs. Although small in size, this train station is full of lovely details. I wouldn’t mind waiting for a train here even if it was running late.

Train station by Snaillad