Spring is in the air

It’s true, despite the cold mornings the afternoons are sunny and warm. And you can just feel it. It’s almost spring, and when I saw those lovely tulips, I just couldn’t resist buying them. A while ago, I got this Iitalla vase (you can find one here) as a gift, and it’s perfect for tulips. And they did create a spring atmosphere in our home.

Tulips in the early spring


When we furnished our apartment, I had an idea of the dining area to be all white – a simple white table put up to a white wall and brightened up with a splash of colour…or tulips. Also, I knew instantly that my Koziol Pip contemporary wall clock (they have them in various colours) will fit the wall above the table (it used to be above the couch).

Koziol wall clock and Iitalla vase with tulips