Changing lifestyle…

…back to normal or how it should be.

I won’t lie. My life was pretty different 10 years ago, and I never even imagined myself in a life I’m living now. On top of it, I was doubtful I’d like it as much as I do now. To start at the begining, about 10 years ago I was fresh out of university with a bachelor degree, eager to start my professional life in two opposing fronts, science and sports. In those early years, some wonderful memories were made in the sports part, and I soon became a workaholic in the science part. My weekdays were spent in the lab, and on the weekends I was involved in my favourite sport, spending time on basketball courts all over our country, and also in some of the neighboring ones meeting interesting people and good friends.

Somewhere on the way I hurt my knee and was forced to stay out of the sports for an indefinite period of time. It was my stubbornness that made it all worse, as I continued running even though I knew I should be careful and take it easier. But I couldn’t, and first I was off the court for 2 months, then back another 2 months, and so on. Too soon, I was out of the game, moreover I couldn’t walk or run without the pain which made me rather stationary, and a bit depressed as I had no idea how to spend all that extra weekend time if I couldn’t be on the court. It got so bad, I actually steered away from even watching the games on the TV. About a year later, I thought I should start some ”stationary” workout and I tried a Pilates class close to home. I figured it wouldn’t hurt if I gave it a try, although I was doubtful I’d like it. Surprisingly, I started to enjoy the Pilates class, partly also because of the great instructor and friendly attendees. On top of it, my knee slowly got better, although I had to be careful not to over do it. I even attended a specialized Pilates class during my pregnancy, and maybe that was the reason I felt so great those 9 months. Although my belly was growing, I didn’t feel big, and I had no problems seeing or reaching my toes.


Another twist in the story was the end of maternity leave, and going back to work. I was eager to start working, but there was one tiny detail I didn’t expect. With long working hours my partner has, I couldn’t take the pilates class anymore, as I had to babysit our so. I thought I could continue with some exercise at home, but I’m obviously lacking self-discipline, and I didn’t keep to the proposed schedule.

All the while I unknowingly became more stationery, my muscles lost some of its strength, and flexibility, and I slowly gained some extra 15 kg weight, although the change in weight was not so obvious in person, just the scale’s number got larger. One of my new year’s resolutions was also to improve my lifestyle, mostly to make me feel better, not so much as to lose weight. I never was dieting, and I was sure I couldn’t really lose any weight. Luckily, I didn’t gain much weight during pregnancy – I lost those 10 kg in a month after giving birth with ease surprisingly. I started looking for some workout classes that would fit my schedule, and when I found it, I had yet to convince myself I was capable of doing it. The biggest problem was the time – 6 in the morning. Well, I made it. I admit I still struggle with the getting up on time at 5.15, but at 7.10 I’m showered and energized.

In the last weeks, I introduced another change in my daily habits. I made a bet with my partner to omit sweets from our diet and see how can persist longer. The plan was to keep the 40 days of sugar fasting before the Easter. Although I managed to limit the sweets intake before, I never really excluded them for a longer period. The closest I was during pregnancy, when I had no cravings for sweets. But then again, my sweets craving gets stronger during the PMS period. Since the pregnancy, I don’t have any PMS symptoms, and I guess that also helped me stay focused on the fasting.

Stop sweets


Today, it’s been 7 weeks since I started the new workout routine and 24 days since I’m off on the sweets. The biggest change I noticed is the weight loss. I lost 4 kg in the last 7 weeks since I started the new workout routine. Additionally, although I think about the food I’m missing, and even make plans for baking when the 40 days will pass, I don’t find the sweets fasting that hard. It also helps we don’t have any sweets at home. As for the workout, my muscles are no longer sore, and I feel stronger. The workout seems easier, although I probably just got stronger. My belly looks flatter, I feel better and even skinnier. And I have more motivation to continue with the workout routine.


Sore, but not sorry

Getting back to work also meant cancelling my usual workout routine due to various reasons (lack of time and babysitter). It was ok for a couple months, but during this time I realized I’m t0o lazy to do any workout at home (I mean there’s always something to clean or sort or organize etc.). Building up, I decided to start driving to work by car instead of the public transport, as it actually saved me some time. To save even more time, I’m now renting a garage less than 5 minutes to work. With this change in commuting, I certainly got more freedom to arrive and leave at work, which made the next choice possible. I started a new workout routine at a local gym, which is somewhere halfway to work (a perfect location). It’s a bootcamp just for women. And yes, after almost 4 months of no serious workout, I feel very sore now, but definitely not sorry. The hardest part was not the workout itself, it was waking and getting up in the early morning. Unfortunately, the class I can attend starts at 6 in the morning (a very long face), however, it’s the only one I can fit without interfering with my work hours, and picking up the baby at the nursery on time. From this week on, my daily schedule starts at 6 am three times a week.